"DT Rustproofing was born in 1980 and our family purchased the business in 2014. Our business offers Automotive Rustproofing and polymer ute lining. We started with the Sunshine Coast Chamber Alliance Mentoring Program in January 2019 after a fire burnt out and destroyed our business 31 July 2018. During the rebuild we felt I needed guidance to help rebuild and progress our business. When I was matched with my mentors Peter & Steven I found they were very easy to talk to and had a wealth of Business Knowledge and gave me lots of great ideas and support. They are very passionate about business development and I am very keen to continue with the mentoring. The Sunshine Coast Chamber Alliance Business Mentoring Program provides a great service and I would highly recommend the support available.” 

DT Rustproofing

Fritz Radda, DT Rustproofing 23 May 2019