Mentoring is rewarding and an incredibly worthwhile experience.

Being a volunteer mentor can

 enhance personal life skills, self-awareness, increase happiness, well-being and mental health.

 Inspire upcoming leaders to perform at their best

 Strengthen your own leadership capacity

 Support & guidance throughout the Program from our experienced Mentor Coordinator

 Allow you to pay it forward

Guiding Philosophy for Mentors

Mentoring not Consulting

Ask questions: By asking questions, help mentees become aware of what they can do to improve their business and to consider alternatives to and/or possible outcomes of their business model /approach, without telling them.

Be patient: The mentor should assess and be guided by the speed at which the mentee gains insight and demonstrates the ability and willingness to apply new approaches and skills.

Be empathetic: Develop a trusting relationship with the mentee.

Encourage: Help improve the mentee’s confidence.

Suggest: That the mentee step out of the day-to-day and take an objective look at their business.

No Financial Benefit

A mentor may not benefit financially from their relationship with a mentee, meaning any mentee with whom the mentor is directly engaged as well as any other mentees in the program. But if a supplier-customer relationship between a mentor and a mentee would make good sense, then prior disclosure and discussion is required.

A mentor must disclose to the mentor group any proposed financial arrangement with, or any benefit or gift with a value of $150 or more from a mentee or business associated with the program. Any gifts of benefits received with a value of $300 or more must be returned to the mentee or alternatively, donated to charity.


A confidentiality agreement is signed by a Mentor. Mentee information may be shared with the mentor group, in order to better assist the mentee (as recorded in the liability waiver form).

Mentor Group

Meets monthly to review selected mentees, and to apply as appropriate the diverse knowledge and skills of the group to the specific requirements of an individual mentee business to develop mentors’ mentoring skills.

Mentors are expected to attend at least 50% of the mentors’ meetings.

Mentors are required to complete a report after each meeting with a mentee.

Mentors are automatically made an 'honorary' member of the Sunshine Coast Chamber Alliance which holds insurance cover for mentors.


Prospective Mentors will be assessed for suitability based around a pre-determined set of interview questions.

The interview will be conducted by an experienced panel evaluating the prospective Mentor’s competency based on the preferred responses.

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